Main Street • Historic District • Boykins, Virginia

Another Historic Building Fully Restored in Boykins, Virginia
When our building restoration project began in September 2010, the Old Buck Blowe Building, (aka The Old Red and White and Mitchell's Grocery Store), was an empty shell with no flooring, no ceiling, no electrical wiring, no plumbing and the entire building was completely void of heating and/or air conditioning. The plaster was falling off the walls and roof leaks were further deteriorating what was left of the building's interior.
Today, the old Buck Blowe Building in Historic Downtown Boykins, Virginia has been completely restored to house Boykins' Whittington Station Gift Shop and National Mailhouse Corporation, a local full service printing and direct mail marketing company.

When you visit Boykins, stop by ... we would be pleased to provide you with a tour through the newly renovated building.